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AUD Video Series

Class is in session

By October 23, 2023December 8th, 2023No Comments

Sharpen your pencils and set your alarms! We’re excited to announce that Dr. Volpicelli is leading an 8 week interactive series on all things addiction, in conjunction TSM Meetups.


After presenting, he’ll be monitoring the chat and addressing your comments. Mark your calendars for every Thursday at 8:00pm ET. (click the “Zoom” tab to access the Zoom room)

Topics to be covered include:

What is AUD?

Neurobiology of addiction

Psychology of addiction

History of naltrexone

Habit change

Common misconceptions

…and more!

The Zoom calls will be recorded, so check back each week for the next installment.



Week 1: What is AUD?



Week 2: Neuroplasticity & Learning


Week 3 was not recorded at the request of the participants on the live
Week 4: Learning & Addiction, Pt. 1