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A Pill to Treat AUD?

By July 10, 2024No Comments

A Pill to Treat AUD?

This is an excerpt from a SLATE article by Roni Jacobson discussing naltrexone and its underutilization. Click the link below to read the full article.

“In 2017, Katie Lain was blacking out several times each week from drinking alcohol. On weeknights, she would typically down at least one bottle of wine, often more, and on weekends she binged vodka. But even after suffering a pulmonary embolism in her 30s, which her doctor tied to her excessive drinking, she struggled to quit.

Later that year, a doctor prescribed naltrexone, a drug that blocks chemical activity in the brain’s reward centers. She noticed a shift immediately. “I would pour a third glass of wine and it would sort of just sit there,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it. It was life-changing.” She hasn’t had a drink in four years at the time of reporting.”

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