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Located on the outskirts of Philadelphia and conceived in 2008, the Institute of Addiction Medicine was formed to address an extremely important need in Addiction Treatment, namely to bring evidence based treatments into clinical practice. The Institute of Addiction Medicine further seeks to enhance the understanding and treatment of alcohol addiction to other substances and maladaptive behaviors such as overating and gambling addiction.
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Dr. Joseph Volpicelli

Dr. Joseph Volpicelli has over 30 years of clinical addiction treatment research and clinical experience. Prior to founding the Institute of Addiction Medicine, Dr. Volpicelli was a tenured faculty member of the University of Pennsylvania where he conducted clinical trials on pharmacological treatments for alcohol, opioid, and cocaine addiction. Dr. Volpicelli completed his medical and graduate education at the University of Pennsylvania which was followed by a Fellowship in Neuropsychopharmacology. His research into the psychopharmacology of alcohol use led to the discovery that naltrexone, an opioid blocker was effective in the treatment for alcohol use disorders. He has written two books and has more than 100 publications in addiction treatment research. Through his involvement with the Institute, he regularly helps educate clinicians on effective medical and psychosocial treatments for addictive disorders.